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Oxbridge Standard Personal Statement

The only way to show passion is to mention what you have read. Mention the name of the book, author and even a topic within the field of study. It could be a discussion topic during the interview but not always. If you are not sure what to read or wher...

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All about Oxbridge admissions tests

Admissions tests are used by universities to examine applicants' academic potential beyond their predicted grades from national examinations. These are written by the universities. Some of them are designed to be subject-specific while others are desig...

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Oxford Interviews, Lessons Learned (History)

My interview experience was incredibly. The interviews were fast paced. I found myself struggling to keep up with the questions and problems being thrown my way. I left the room feeling mentally exhausted, yet it was also quite enjoyable discussing His...

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Cambridge Interview Experience - Natural Sciences (Physical)

They did not start with the "standard" questions like "why do you want to study this subject" etc. Instead, they asked me things I wrote in my personal statement... I had already expected they would ask some questions that I did not know the answer, so...

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Oxford student life (Part II)

In summer, this is a very popular hobby amongst not just the students but Oxford citizens and tourists. During 1-2 hours of punting, in a group of 3-5 friends, we will take turns in steering the boat and sit under the sun, eat, drink and chat (sometime...

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Oxford Interview Experience - Biochemistry

Next I was asked to draw an amino acid. That was a simple biology AS level concept. There was a whiteboard next to where I was sitting and I was asked to stand up and draw it out.

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